“Ultimately any talent management approach needs to deliver results that help to achieve a business strategy.” – Silzer & Dowell

breaking down the engagement puzzle

Effectively managing talent is a pivotal factor in the success of every business. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talent at all levels, and the right strategies to keep that talent current, motivated, and focused.

BENCHMARK gives you the insights you need to design the most effective programs and make the best decisions. You’ll be able to quickly see how a well thought out talent management strategy will influence the development and engagement of your workforce. BENCHMARK’s insights will help clients in:

  • Effective organization design that compliments talent management
  • Workforce analytics to plan and forecast
  • Developing and managing competence framework
  • Designing clear and definitive career development tools
  • Implementing a well-structured succession model
  • Implementing performance management frameworks
  • Robust rewards and recognition models that drive productivity

BENCHMARK’s talent management solutions are founded on its experience and firm belief that Rewards, Recognition, and Development backed by Values, Vision, and Leadership are key to designing a winning talent management strategy.

Our solutions ensure that talent management programs, policies and processes are designed to support a culture of high performance where teamwork, accountability, results and recognition are paramount.




Clearly defined, legally compliant and up-to-date HR policies and procedures implemented across the business ensure that both employees and employers are aware of the goal posts and the rules. We develop tailored HR policies covering all aspects of the employment lifecycle from hire to.


With ever-changing market dynamics, your challenges to attract, motivate and retain your greatest asset – your workforce, become a lot more complex. Your challenge is to protect bottomline while ensuring employee rewards are equitably connected to performance, engagement, and career…


In the context of ever-changing market dynamics, hierarchies are under constant flux, hence making it an imperative for organisations to define new jobs or redefine existing jobs and their relative value in Organisation. Hence, Job Evaluation provides a robust foundation for…